How to Trade Options Like the Pros

Options are the most powerful tool available to retail traders to achieve the results most people only dream about.

Aren't options dangerous though?

Yes, absolutely. Which is the very reason why you need to be trained how to use them correctly. Just like a kitchen knife: dangerous if used incorrectly, but beautifully effective in the hands of a seasoned chef.

Options are the only tool available to retail traders that provide the ability to both guarantee your positions against losses and earn unbelievable profits - regardless of market conditions.

If you don't understand how to use options and when to implement specific options strategies, you are putting your portfolio at risk and missing out on profits that most only dream of.

If you're ready to learn how to make money in any market - up, down, or sideways, sign up for Options Mastery today.

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Do I need any prior knowledge about options before purchasing this course?

No prior options experience is necessary. This is a "zero to hero" course that starts off with the absolute basics: terminology, concepts, definitions, etc. Built on that foundation, you will then learn up to the most advanced strategies, and how/when to implement them.

What is the minimum portfolio size necessary or recommended for using options?

It depends on the strategies you'd like to use. Some strategies use trades that can be as little as $10. With that said, I would recommend at least $30k because some strategies require a minimum account balance of $25k.

Does using options mean "day trading" or can I do this with a normal job?

Some strategies are absolutely appropriate for day trading, but others are much longer term - months or even years. It just depends on your personal situation and how you want to use them.

More questions about the course?

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