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Joe has an incredible wealth of knowledge and understanding for how macro conditions affect our financial well being.  If you subscribe to the standard stocks and bonds portfolio allocations popularized by main stream media and most Youtubers, then be prepared to lose money when everyone else loses money.  Portfolio Allocation Mastery is a direct reflection of Joe's understanding of how the world works.  If the contrarian in you has any voice, then Portfolio Allocation Mastery will resonate with your soul. 

Course was amazing.

Joe is easy to understand and fun to listen to.  I enjoy that the program is a multitude of short, individual videos making it very easy to listen to a second time if needed or to easily revisit in the future..  I also appreciate the reassuring comments that refer to future learnings and reinforce that we will learn that, but it still correlates and ties it all together.  So far I am very happy and intend to watch with my wife as well to ensure she understands the vision and strategy so we are unified when it is time to take action.  

Very straight forward
-S A

It gives me (novice) just enough info and knowledge about this "not so straightforward approach" of growing wealth by "reducing risk". I had managed to "learn" enough from Youtube experts to loose my hard earned $$$ until I came across Joe's conceptually sound and meaningfully simple explanations of economic theories. He hasn't claimed any revolutionary discovery in this course and used the tried and tested approaches with some of his "risk reduction" tricks to build a portfolio. The best part is, every bit of what he says can be understood and appreciated. Thanks mate. 

Love your content and love HFU. Going on month 3. Two Thumbs Up

The clarity provided in the course, structured and connected a growing knowledge of strategies and tactics of the financial game to formulate a winning game plan. Thank you for sharing your gifts authentically and concisely! 

I'm a fairly new member of the academy and can say Joe's courses are well worth the money.  I just logged in to see the new retirement mastery course and Wow!  There's over 70 lessons!  He is extremely thorough!  (BTW, I'm not getting paid to say this.  Just grateful to have found his channel and tools.  I highly recommend his courses.  For example, literally right before I saw this video, I had just bought some more precious metals, but this time in the form Joe teaches will maximize purity and minmize premiums.  And the broker gave us a discount on top of that!  Sweet!)

Good presentation with comprehensive content.

Very good information.  As an average investor, I never thought about how destructive drawdowns were.  Looking forward to putting protection into practice.

Through Joe's courses I have been able to put a solid Portfolio together in a fraction of the time it would have taken to do all the research personally. I like the way the course is structured into the main sections and the length of each lesson.
This course is very unique and incredibly useful. I've never seen the ideas discussed and implemented in such a compelling way. The great benefit of this course is it provides you not only with the 'how,' but the 'why' behind certain strategies. Many of the tools provided have been time-tested but you don't see them in mainstream circles. 
I am really happy I decided to commit the investment to learn from Joe. I have been a long time YouTube subscriber and have watched his videos consistently. I am grateful I decided to move forward with this course and hope to continue to learn. Thank you for the material! I give this 5/5 stars

Before this course, I used a quite random strategy of buying into stocks and trying to time the market. I think I'm now prepared to manage my assets through an up, down, or sideways market. Definitely worth the cost. Thanks, Joe!

The content is amazing!!!!  Very helpful!!!

Overall very solid plan and everything makes a lot of sense, keen to apply it and will come back with any questions, thanks for the great work Joe!

Your teaching style is fast and furious exceeding my expectations. Before I put my money into this course, I listened to your YouTube material with a critical ear to make sure I could learn complicated strategies and not just entertain myself (and also justify the cost). You are exceeding what you have done on YouTube. This is the best of Joe Brown, refined, organized, and sharpened with a purpose.

I loved this course. It was knowledgable and gave me a new perspective on capital management.

The portfolio you put together made so much sense to me, and it's kind of surprising that it's not more widespread. I really liked how you broke down mainstream portfolios and explained the pros and cons of each. It helped me get a better sense of the investment landscape and made me feel more confident in my decisions.

The real estate section was my favorite by far. I had all these preconceived notions about real estate, but you really opened my eyes and made it so easy to understand. You challenged some of my beliefs and gave me a fresh perspective.

The only area where I think the course could be improved is the risk management section. It was definitely informative, but I think it could have been a bit more concise. There was some overlap and repetition that could have been streamlined.

Overall, I'm so glad I took this course and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to build their investment portfolio. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us!

I really enjoyed this course. Joe has a special skill at teaching. He is very concise which I appreciated.

The only thing I was an experienced investor at was real estate so I am a complete newbie to all the other assets he touches on in this course. I feel much more confident now about investing in the stock market, his explanation of options and hedging was really insightful as well.

I definitely recommend this course and also to follow Heresy Financial on youtube! Thanks Joe! I'm very glad I became a member of Heresy Financial, now I need to enroll in the options mastery class!


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What is included in this membership?

All courses, features, and benefits that are currently available in the Heresy Financial University training library are included in this membership. New courses are constantly being created and added to the library that you will automatically receive access to. On top of the training material, you will also gain access to the community, monthly group coaching calls, and much more. To view the current benefits, you can scroll up to the "Membership Contents" section.

Is there any 1-on-1 support or coaching?

No, the membership is designed to be self-guided. The monthly livestreams are group calls with a Q&A format and are included to give you an opportunity to have your questions answered that may come up as you go through the training material. With hundreds of active members, I unfortunately cannot provide individual 1-on-1 coaching or support.

What if I have a busy schedule or time constraints?

All courses are "go at your own pace" and can be completed on your schedule at your convenience. The average length of each lesson is 5 minutes so that anyone can fit them into any schedule.

What if I want to cancel?

New training material, features, and benefits are constantly being added. Access to the community and monthly group coaching calls also provide immense ongoing value through accountability and support, so it's unlikely you'll want to cancel. But in the event you do, you can cancel any time from the account management page. No contract, no questions asked.

Is there any community included in this membership?

Yes. As a member you have access to the community with hundreds of other active members. Discussions center around investing strategies, economics, markets, and much more. This is absolutely one of the most valuable features to take advantage of as a member of HFU.